One of my favorite writers, the fabulous Gail Simone, being her fabulous, tongue-in-cheek self, offers some writing advice over at the Huffington Post.

I do have to comment on this line, as it sent my mind off on a tangent:

Having someone you don’t know angry at you for stealing the idea in their head that they hadn’t written yet

Oh, I’m sure this happens…I just don’t get how someone could be mad about this sort of thing. Don’t you want to be pandered to? I would love it if someone wrote a series that featured my favorite characters hanging out, watching TV, eating pizza, playing poker, and occasionally doing some righteous head-busting, all while making snappy remarks. C’mon, DC, you were so close! Why can’t I have nice things?!?

But, really, the whole thing’s great, at least if you spend as much time following writers as I do. (And it can be so hard to follow them when their cars go faster than I can run.)