It’s now been true for three weeks running–in the midst of blustery fall-is-here-with-a-vengeance weather, days when I go to physical therapy are gorgeous, sunny, and just the right amount of cool. It makes First Hill seem more distant and different than it is; like turning a corner and suddenly being in Northampton, or a more arboreously inclined Hillcrest.

I had the chance to see an advance screening of RED last night, and enjoyed it quite a bit. There’s nothing ground-breaking or terribly original in the film–a fairly predictable if light action outing. But it was fun and funny, and the cast were all clearly enjoying themselves. So if funny action film is your thing, or like me you just can’t resist the image of Dame Helen Mirren wielding an assortment of firearms, check it out.

I’m aiming to have a proper comic update up later this afternoon–if my leg doesn’t hurt too much and the inking gods choose not to interfere. And provided I can resist the siren song of this beautiful day.

Failing that, enjoy this amusing article on the super sciences.