This is partly an exercise in thinking “out loud,” partly a request for advice, and partly an explanation of why I don’t have a new post up yet (thought there’s other factors contributing to that last one).

In short, any time I am sitting in my work space, either on my computer or at my drafting table, Momo the Destructor has taken to scratching the big screen TV. She has deduced, quite accurately, that this is a very effective method of getting immediate verbal and physical attention. ‘Cause it’s my expensive TV she’s going after, and while she’s yet to damage it that I can tell, but I don’t like the risk. She can occasionally be satisfied and will stop if all she was after was food or an open window, but giving food or opening the window (the latter especially) are not always viable options, and most of the time what she wants is the attention. And if she doesn’t get it, or gets only a brief, angry reaction, she may try one or two other things, but will pretty quickly circle back around to the TV.

Now, I enjoy playing with my cats and like that they’re friendly and social. But I don’t like having to play with my pushy cat during every free moment of my day. And when she gets in this mood, which is often during my afternoon or weekend free times at home, I generally have to yell at her or jump up every few minutes. While it’s irritating when I’m just playing around on the computer, it becomes extremely hard to get any drawing done, as that requires long stretches of uninterrupted concentration. My cat is very good at training me, and currently she’s training me to never get another damn comic done ever again.

So, hoping that someone might have some insight from a similar problem, or some clever trick I haven’t thought of to stop my cat from destroying my TV and my ability to get anything done, I turn to you, my handful of trusty readers. Below I’ve listed the possible solutions I can think of, as well as the reasons they’re not working for me.

-Spraying water: Aside from never having worked too well in the past on her (she just glares angrily at you unless you get her really soaked), the fact that it’s the TV she’s going after, which is also right next to the XBOX, and the router, and the … You get the picture.
-Coat with Al foil: Another trick that only met with moderate success when we tried to train her out of scratching other things, this is not practical with the TV, even if it was effective.
-Moving my table to the bedroom (the only other room in the apartment): This would get her to scratch on something in the bedroom that was not a piece of expensive electronics (almost certainly a neigh-impervious piece of IKEA crapiture), I really do not have the space to make this adjustment. Also, I would be seriously worried about dripping black ink on the beige carpet (as opposed to the beat-up dark hard wood, that I have dripped ink on to in the past).
-Lock cat in bathroom: Works as a very short-term solution (the “I only have ten minutes in the morning to read my damn emails and eat” option), it’s not good for either of us psychologically.
-Ignore her: While the foolproof solution for discouraging a wide swath of bad behaviors, and just about the only thing I can think of that might reliably work on this cat, I’m concerned about the resilience of the flat screen TV.

So, yeah, cats, man. Whatcha gonna do?