Angry Wall began in 2010, primarily as a way to motivate myself to draw more, to improve as a cartoonist, and to entertain myself. I figured if I managed to amuse anyone else in the process, so much the better.

The main feature that ran on this site was “Still Life with Supervillains.” High–concept: a destructive, amoral, but oh-so-perky megalomaniac and the hapless dude who lives with her deal with college, insane friends, and a variety of wacky predicaments. Or something like that. It’s been more or less on hiatus since the end of 2012, as my attention was taken up by other things, but will likely be revived in the near future.

Other than that, I run things that are just funny or fun to make.

All site content by me, MC Alcock, except for some additional fonts by Blambot.

Feel free to comment, as long as you keep it civil, and I prefer if you identify yourself in some way. If you need to contact me, shoot an email here.