Are you fucking kidding me?

No, no you are not. Check it out for yourself. (Just a few things I knew off the top of my head were published by Tor, an imprint of St Martins/Macmillan. Hilarious side note: Amazon will still happily sell you remaindered copies of Confessor they have clogging up their warehouse, since the publisher won’t see any more money from those sales.)

Nothing new here, really. Amazon desperately wishes it had the reach and power of a Google or an Apple, but short of that, it seems content to inconvenience or destroy publishers, booksellers, authors, and readers alike. Fuck you, Amazon! Fuck you!

(Procedural Note: Yes, I’m aware this is not comic related, but the shit Amazon pulls really pisses me off, and they need to be called on it, especially with how they always try to dodge the news cycle by pulling it on Friday nights. New comics will go up later this weekend–an excessively busy work week ate my Friday comic.)