I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned in the past (though the links are eluding me at the moment) that for the last several years I have participated in a for-fun fan art calendar project put together by an old friend of mine from college. The last few “decent-chunks-of-free-art-time” were spent polishing off my entry for this year, as I’d fallen a bit behind. I am…reasonably satisfied with the outcome, though the perfectionist in me is, as ever, dissatisfied. With that in mind, I thought I’d post here small pics of the past five years in calendar pages, as an exercise in HOW FAR WE’VE COME!

A Trigun piece. The first year, subjects were selected from a given list. I hadn’t seen most of the anime listed, but took a decent whack at this one. The result…well, it was four years ago.

Always loved the interplay between these two, was big into Secret Six at the time (before DC broke my heart), and Floyd is fun to draw. I’d like to point out that both this piece and the previous one, while initially drafted on paper, were colored using mouse and/or laptop track pad. If you are unfamiliar with the experience, it’s not unlike trying to draw with a bar of soap. At least this year I’d read a brief how-to on digital coloring in Photoshop. Ah, memory lane.

Third year and at the time I did this one I still did not have my Wacom tablet. (A couple awesome friends got me a Bamboo for Xmas that year, which was a godsend for the digital end of stuff, though I’ve never really cottoned to fully digital drawing.) Utterly repulsed by the prospect of mouse-coloring yet again, I thought I’d try coloring this one in the flesh with watercolor. It came out better than I probably should have hoped, given the use of an unforgiving medium I was also unfamiliar with, and with sub-par materials to boot. While I always wish I could do these characters better justice, I like this one ok, though nothing scans up quite right and this looks better in the flesh.

Thinking outside the box–or cube, if you will–for last year’s piece. Still fond of this one. And if you don’t get it, go read Lab Rat. Which will only make sense if you’ve played Portal. And if you haven’t played Portal, go play Portal.

Which bring us to this year, with one of my current loves, the soon-to-be-missed Parks and Rec.

It’s been an interesting road, and I look forward to seeing where it winds up next.