So, a corner of the internet has been losing it’s shit for the last week or so with the news of DC’s line-wide reboot. I’ll spare you the ugly details because if you care, you already know, and if you don’t care, well, why bore you. But of various unpopular or bizarre choices to come to light, is the decision to revert Barbara Gordon to Batgirl, thus eliminating her as Oracle. I’m firmly in the camp that thinks this is a terrible idea, however they manage to swing it, for many reason. However, much has already been written on the subject–again, if you care, there’s a million other rants out there, I’ll spare you mine.

But the internet is a wonderful tool for counter-programming any bad corporate policy decision. This may be a done deal, but no one said we had to like it, and while they might try and take away our toys, they can never stop us from playing with them. So some fans have banded together in the last 24 hours to start the Oracle Create-a-Thon blog. Protest. Spite. Homage. Elegy. Whatever your motivation, come and celebrate one of the more complex and intriguing characters DC ever created.

While, I’ve had little enough time for drawing lately (and believe me, it shows :\), a had a little spare time today while trying not to freak out over my test today, and put my hand to trying to draw a little Oracle comic. And failed utterly. But this warm-up sketch turned out half-way decent–except for falling off the side of the page–and I figured I’d share.

We love you, Babs!