My free drawing time was taken up last week with a larger project I’d committed to doing for a friend. (More info to follow.) The predictable result, given my busy, on-the-go lifestyle, is no new Still Life to greet you here this Monday. Which is now Tuesday.

Which leads me to my next point. For some time now I’ve been sifting some ideas for a longer Still Life story–something I haven’t really managed in some time–but have been lacking some of the focus required to work on it. Especially with the on going need to create new strips, and the way one-offs gags tend to occur to me, it’s been getting put off indefinitely. So November seems as good a time as any–as busy as any other time–to buckle down and get some serious writing and drawing done.

But what of comics in the meantime? Fear not! I’ve still got a few simple strips on deck, which should slot in nicely (despite this week’s delay). Beyond that, in the interests of giving more humor bang for your buck, and in an effort to squeeze more productivity out of my terrible-for-drawing breaks at work, I will make tiny little humorous sketches and post them here for you gawk at provided they are only mildly terrible.