As our regulars may recall, I went off on Facebook a while back for their tendency to hideously invade privacy and to make money off of data mining my life. My position on that hasn’t changed (though I am changing that “simple enough” to “horrendous interface makes me want to smack head against keyboard”), but it has not escaped my attention that every other person I know, except possibly my parents, is having a grand old time over there.

People who could be my “fans.”

People whose “fan” status could be seen by others who’ve never come here.

Others who might come here and stay…FOREVER!

BWAHAHAHAH– …what? Oh. Ahem.

Getting back to the point, as the first in a number of steps to accomplish that resolution about promoting the site more, I have set up a Facebook page for it. Stop by and visit us here. I may even put up a little “Like” button over in the side bar (as soon as the software does its job and produces some working code).