The end of last saw a debilitating outbreak of beautiful weather here in Seattle. With sparrows singing and sun shining in through the window, well, let’s say that my time at the drawing board was curtailed a bit. But, I did take a few photos before the battery in my camera gave out, so please enjoy these whilst I am finishing today’s comic.

Sometimes it seems like you can’t throw a stone without hitting a cherry tree, and right now they are in full, glorious bloom.

I mentioned the sparrows, and could hear them calling to each other all along my walk. This little guy sat still and gave me a performance. That, or he was telling me to GTFO of his territory. Either way, birds are fun to watch.

I’ve always found manzanita trees to be fascinating, with their bizarre, curling bark. But in my mind they’re inextricably tied to the mountains of California, so seeing them on a Seattle street is a little weird. Went for an arty close-up with this photo. (This is assuming that the tree I found was, in fact, a type of manzanita, and not some other tree with curling bark.)

Walked by the cat-friendly Twice Sold Tales, and spotted this in the window. Too perfect to pass by.