With March winding down, I feel it is time to make good on that resolution to get more regular posts up on the site, complete with chewy content centers. That and I like telling people to read things–though they so rarely do what I tell them (otherwise our store would have sold several hundred copies of Batwoman: Elegy, instead of, like, eight). So, reviews and product highlights, ahoy!

But where to begin? With things I love, things I’ve read recently, and with things that could use the promotion. It is with this in mind that I’m designating April Oni Press Month here at the Angry Wall. But what does that mean? you might ask. Well, Oni Press is a Portland-based publisher of independent, creator-owned comics. Scott Pilgrim was their breakout hit last year (and one of my favorite films of 2010), but they publish an eclectic mix of titles for a variety of audiences, and try to do a variety of fun, innovative, and community-minded things beyond just cranking out monthly pamphlets. After hearing the Oni Press folks talk up some of their books at ECCC, and since DC increasingly seems to not want my money, I picked up a few more of their titles, which gives me a nice half dozen or so to post about over the month.

And, as an added bonus, should your interest be piqued by anything I mention here, I will include handy little Amazon and Powell’s affiliate links, for your ease of purchasing. The choice is yours, fair visitor–Amazon has better prices, but Powell’s is (to the best of my knowledge) not evil.