So today, at long last, sees the release of A Dance with Dragons, the hotly anticipated next volume of the Song of Ice and Fire–hotly anticipated largely because it’s effectively the second half of the previous book that came out six years ago. I mention this not to give Martin more grief for being slow, as I understand that condition all too well, but merely to note that this is a thing. If fantasy’s your bag, and somehow you’ve missed this bit of news, well, now you’re enlightened.

If you’re looking for a copy, I recommend hitting up the internet. If your local bookstore is anything like mine, then they’re already sold out–thanks to the DF customers who had to have it day-of but didn’t think to reserve a copy, and our DF buyers sending far too few copies to even meet first day demand–with no idea when the buyer will deign to send more. But then, I’m fairly certain that our buyers hate us specifically, so your local store may be doing just fine.

Am I reading it? I’m sure I will at some point–I’ve enjoyed the other books in the series. But as I flipped briefly through it this morning, I was overcome with apathy at the thought of having to spend hundreds of pages in the company of Jon Snow. (Yes, yes, he’s Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son and the once and future king. I get it. He’s still insufferable. (You heard it here first, unless you heard it somewhere else, or had already reached that stunningly obvious conclusion.) [Ed. note: This parenthetical aside is solely the speculation of the author of this post. Said author also predicted, at Harry Potter 4 or 5, that Dumbledore would turn out to be evil and in league with the Big Bad. The author still maintains that would have made a more interesting story.]) I set the book back down, turned away, and made the mental note to read it somewhere down the line. I’ve got quite a few such mental notes.

So, with all that said, what am I reading? At the moment I’m finishing Gardens of the Moon, and it’s been quite the enjoyable adventure. I’ve got the next few books in the series stacked up on my self, ready to go, and I look forward to diving into them. If fantasy’s your bag, and you’ve missed out on the Steven Erikson train, I highly recommend checking these out, especially if you’re of the sort that wishes Martin’s cast and world-building had a few more degrees of complexity.