So, last week I mentioned a clever, somewhat ambitious (by the standards of this blog) plan to generate some new content. Why I decided to commit myself to such an endeavor only days before beginning a very intense term of school, I have no idea. So, unfortunately April will NOT be Oni Press Month, or any other type of month, either. Neither will May. June…potentially, late in the month, depending on what else is going on. But while I’m in class, and commuting to class, and studying for class, and memorizing 1600pg text books…well, you get the gist of it.

Which brings me to the lack of comic update for the latter half of this week. I’ve got a pencil-sketch fan art type comic ready to go, as soon as I have a bit of genuinely free time to scan it up. I’ve also got pencils finished on a larger Still Life with Supervillains strip, but the inks will probably require a good 1-1.5 hrs uninterrupted to get done, then add in more time for scanning and digital lettering. That should be done and up at some point on Monday. Beyond that, I’ve got little that’s prepped, and what were my long stretches of potential drawing time are turning into going-to-class-and-doing-homework time, so I doubt I’ll be able to do many larger, detailed Still Life strips for a while.

I promise there will still be comics of one type or another here at Angry Wall during the duration. I only ask that you be polite when you express your frustration at the umpteenth Nook joke or stick-figure Birds of Prey gag.