Wow, the laptop battery spam-bot is getting smarter. It just left the following comment on my most recent post:

Was rather disappointed with my DC digital reads this week. Glad they’re making lots of books available, but wish the books were better.

That’s…that’s almost something that would be a legitimate response to the sorts of things I like to blather on about: comics, DC, digital crap. Sure, you put it in the wrong post, <"person" who goes by name of battery that I'm omitting here>, and you link to (what I can only assume from the address you put in) a battery purchasing site, but I have to give you some props for sticking around long enough to pick up on my interests and adjust your generic spam to entertain me and attempt to engage in conversation. Soon you’ll be a real boy, <"P"WGBNOBTIOH>.

Y’know, <"P"WGBNOBTIOH>, keep this up, and I’ll make you a special “Number One Fan” sketch.

(Offer only valid for amusing software scripts.)