A year and a half on, it feels like a good and necessary time to address the faithful. We’re still here. Not going anywhere anytime soon. Fear not.

That said, I realize updates have been sparse, which ill repays your patient return visits. While backing up my files the other day, I was amazed and somewhat disheartened to see that around this time last year I was posting about three time the comics. And to think, at the time I felt like I wasn’t getting nearly enough done. I’d like to have production like that again.

There have been complicating factors, to be sure. I’ve only recently finished classes that ate several months worth of free time. Now that I have my life back, I need to rediscover the right balance of social activities, exercise, chores, and art. To say nothing of time spent at the-job-what-pays and time necessary to start looking for a-job-what-pays-better. Then there’s the non-comics things I’d like to work into my art time–cards, ad design and site promotion, some pro-bono design work, skill development, and the less said about software upgrades the better–that aren’t currently happening.

I still aim to bring you your regular Monday-ish/Thursday-ish dose of entertainment. I can’t make a solid commitment to that, but it should be an attainable goal. I’ve got the next whack of Still Life strips underway (well, one underway, the rest following off of that, since I finally ironed out some writing issues for the arc), and once those are wrapped I can dive into the next story I’ve been wanting to work on.

So keep tuning in, folks! The latter half of 2011 is going to be fun.