With things evening out as far as work/life/full-time-hobby balance go, we’ll be coming back online around here. With new comics and comic-like-material! And while I’ll be on going on vacation and away from my studio in a couple weeks, I plan on queuing up some posts and whatnot to bridge the gap.


Meanwhile, I need to hear from YOU. To the right, you may have noticed a poll. While for the last few years I have made a small number of Xmas/Holiday cards for you own personal use, I have been toying with the idea of drawing up a set of cards, getting them printed, and offering them for sale. Current theme idea is “Penguins vs. Xmas.” However, such an undertaking would require a fair bit of lead time, not to mention the extra work and financial commitment, so I want to gauge the interest of my audience in this endeavor. So if you have a second, please take the poll, and if you have any additional feedback, feel free to pop it in the comments.