Let me first say, it is extremely gratifying to have someone other than my cat and myself checking in on this site and taking a look at my work. To my handful of regulars, thank you for your patronage.

That said, I realize my update schedule has been spottier lately than I would like. Various and sundry other commitment have left me less time to get comics done, and this coming week is the busiest yet.

And what of chewy, texty content to entertain in the lean times? Were it that simple to compose pithy, insightful commentary on life’s foibles, likely I would write quite a bit more on this site. As it is, I suspect my incoherent ramblings on comic books and out-of-context gaming anecdotes would bore or horrify more than amuse.

As it stands now, the Still Life comic for Monday should go up later tonight, with another more timely entry on Wednesday, and likely a filler piece on Friday. Preemptive apologies for breaking the flow of the story, but I should be caught back up by next weekend.