New comic coming soon–I had a few delays in getting started–but I thought I’d share a snippet that wound up on the computer prematurely.

I scanned, contrasted, and printed out this panel to be able to trace over for subsequent panels. (Tracing being, of course, one of the cartoonist’s dirty little secrets, and distinct from inking, which is like tracing, but much more challenging and prone to massive screw ups.) Now, there’s a wonderful clarity that comes with inking: This is an important line!–This is where it goes!–Those other fuzzy lines around it are now banished! But it’s also, as mentioned, challenging. Also time consuming. And the more I look at it like this, the more it almost works. And it’s in moments like this I can truly appreciate the megatokyo approach or the old xerographic animation process, which at other times I might deride as laziness.

Well, it’s been an interlude. Back to tracing and retracing.